Jewelry Care & Info


Please remove your jewelry when sleeping or participating in any activity in which it could get wet, this will help preserve the quality. Silver will tarnish over time, particularly when sitting in the open air, so storing your jewelry inside of a box will help keep tarnish at bay. The natural oils on your skin also helps prevent tarnishing, so I suggests wearing your jewelry often! You can also use a sunshine polishing cloth to remove tarnish. Please do not use tarn-x, it will damage any natural stones and isn't very good for silver either. You can gently clean your jewelry with a soft toothbrush and some warm water, gentle dish soap can be added if needed.

Oxidized silver will slowly age over time and become brighter while revealing the silver underneath. Everyones body chemistry is different so the oxidation will react differently, for some it might wear faster than it does for others. I seal all oxidized pieces with renaissance wax to help preserve the oxidation. Taking rings off before washing your hands, showering or swimming will help the finish last longer. Only clean oxidized silver with a very soft toothbrush and warm water, gentle dish soap can be added if needed. Any abrasive surfaces will remove the oxidation, as will polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner. 

I will gladly re-oxidize any piece purchased from me to restore the original finish. There is no charge to re-oxidize jewelry, but the customer is responsible for shipping. A return shipping label must be included in the package. Please contact me to set this up.


Each piece is made with care and attention to detail to assure quality jewelry. Handmade jewelry is still delicate and vulnerable to normal wear and tear, and sometimes accidents happen. Because of this I offer repairs of all my jewelry, if possible. Repairs are subject to a fee depending on the extent of damage. Please contact me if your jewelry needs repair.


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