I’ve always had a passion for jewelry, starting when I was young. From obsessively picking out beaded bracelets at the mall in junior high to finding the perfect vintage pieces at resale shops in high school. I used jewelry to develop my own style and to silently tell my own story, collecting pieces like they were little treasures always meant for me. I couldn't leave home unless my fingers were adorned in rings, arms draped in bracelets, and at least two necklaces hanging from my neck. Jewelry made me feel at home wherever I went. It was that feeling that led me to take my first metalsmithing class. I quickly became passionate, and a little bit obsessed, about creating my own jewelry. I went on to receive an MFA in Jewelry and Metalworks from Northern Illinois University.

Now I'm able to create jewelry for others so they can tell their own stories and keep their treasures close, with them always. From intricate hand sawn designs to meticulous hand set stones, each piece is created by me, Lindsay Schranz, in my home studio. I gather inspiration from textiles, flora and fauna, and minerals. While some pieces are planned out in detail, others are not predetermined and develop naturally during the creative process. Each piece allows me to share my passion with others. I hope Nash Metals Co jewelry can become a part of your collected treasures.



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