Levi Studs

Levi Studs

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These simple, yet unique, sterling silver stud earrings are inspired by my dog Levi. Levi has vitiligo and has been developing white spots (loss of pigment) on his black fur. They look like cute little freckles, mainly appearing on his face and ears. The condition is harmless, and in my opinion, beautiful, adding to his unique character!

These earrings are delicate and refined, showcasing distinctive hand stampings and quiet, concave, organic forms. They are hand sawn and handmade, so no two will look exactly a like. Oxidation makes the stampings pop while the rest of the earrings have a brushed silver finish. They are lightweight with sterling silver ear posts and backs.

Large is apx. 16mm x 13mm and has mismatched stampings, one earring has three sets of dashes while the other has two.                 (Photos 2 and 3)

Medium is apx. 13mm x 11mm and has three sets of dashes on each earring.  (Photos 4 and 5)

Small is apx. 11mm x 9mm and has two sets of dashes on each earring. (Photos 6 and 7)

*While I have some quantities in stock, most pieces are made to order and will ship within 5-10 business days. In stock items will ship within 1-3 business days. Please contact me if you want to know the availability or time frame of a piece.

*Please contact me if you would like to order a custom size or a custom item.

*100% designed and made by hand in my shop in Illinois.



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