Faceted Gemstone Stacking Rings

Faceted Gemstone Stacking Rings

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Handmade sterling silver gemstone stacking rings, wear one or stack your favorites together. The ring band is made out of half round sterling silver wire and has a brushed finish. The stone sizes vary from 3mm to 4mm and are hand set in fine silver. Available in tanzanite, rhodolite, amethyst, white topaz, chrome diopside, peridot, sky blue topaz, garnet, citrine and london topaz. Check out my other listing ‘Gemstone Stacking Rings’ to mix and match!

Tanzanite is a violet gem that sparkles in the light. It relieves stress, enhances composure and harmony all while soothing and calming the soul. 

Rhodolite is a variety of garnet that has a pale red violet hue. It is a relaxing stone that will help stabilize emotions and bring balance. It stimulates compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

Amethyst is a bright purple stone that enhances mental focus and intuition. It encourages inner strength and promotes a higher state of consciousness. It can help one achieve their goals and independence. 

White Topaz is a white or clear, transparent stone, that sparkles in the light. It is a soothing and empathetic stone that heals and energizes. It brings peace, love and joy, while pushing out negativity. 

Chrome Diopside is a vibrant green stone that brings creativity and intellect. It has a gentle energy that helps heal stubbornness and aggression, allowing one to get in touch with their feminine side.

Peridot is a yellowish green stone that sparkles in the light. It represents understanding, openness and acceptance, while providing a shield of protection.

Sky Blue Topaz is a light blue, almost transparent stone, that helps one express themselves clearly. It strengthen self expression and creativity while balancing the body and mind. It aids in easing fear and anxiety.

Garnet is a dark red stone that symbolizes love, beauty and truth. It helps raise ones confidence and turn ones visions into a reality. It helps stimulate success and guard against gloomy thoughts.

Citrine is a golden yellow stone that gives joy and love to anyone that wears it. It activates ones imaginations and stimulates clarity and abundance. It also removes negative energy of all kinds. 

London Topaz is a grayish blue stone that inspires creativity and helps to increase attention span. It stimulates communication and decisiveness while building ones confidence. 

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